Interactive video, Mobile application, Interactive audience, High-resolution, Large projections

Play multiple videos simultaneously in a large projection using a mobile device.
Using a mobile device or a touch screen, it is possible to position, play/pause and resize several videos simultaneously, making interaction between end-users and projections possible. BeeVJ can be integrated in video mapping and blending systems. Interactivity can also be integrated by capturing people’s gestures with cameras or other sensors (for example, several people change the projected videos by waving their arms).

Audience events (indoor and outdoor): collaborative video projections in buildings, where people in the surroundings can control the video and audio contents using their own mobile devices.
Corporate events: collaborative games on big projections, where staff members can play using mobile devices and/or touch screen consoles.
Museums: exploration of high-resolution animations and videos in large projections on every type of flat surfaces (for example tables, floor and screens) and non-flat surfaces.